Golden Goodrich LLP


2016 American Bankruptcy Institute Caribbean Insolvency Symposium

Lobel Weiland Golden & Friedman LLP partner William Lobel was invited to speak at the ABI symposium being held February 6, 2016 on a panel titled: Individual Chapter 11 Confirmation Mock Hearing. The panel will conduct a mock oral argument at the conclusion of a confirmation hearing in an individual chapter 11 bankruptcy case. Issues unique to individuals who file chapter 11 will be explored by counsel for the debtor and an objecting creditor, as well as by the three-judge panel including: Hon. Laurel M. Isicoff, Moderator, U.S. Bankruptcy Court (S.D. Fla.); Hon. A. Jay Cristol, U.S. Bankruptcy Court (S.D.Fla.); William N. Lobel, Lobel Weiland Golden Friedman; Luis C. Marini-Biaggi, O’Neill & Borges LLC; and Hon. Brian K. Tester, U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. P.R.).